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Coolorca and its Sellers will make every effort to provide you a positive shopping experience. This is why our Sellers will organize the fastest and most convenient delivery of your parcels. Your shopping on Coolorca Website is 100% secure because:

  • You know what you buy. All listings have informative descriptions and true to life photos.
  • You can plan your deliveries. The listing tells you the estimated delivery time.
  • You are compliant. You can see the country of dispatch and find out about any customs duties
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  • Please be aware that your home country may require import duties to be paid. Coolorca are not responsible for providing this information. You need to make enquiries with your corresponding authority.

Coolorca Sellers can offer several delivery options, including Free Delivery and Free Return Shipment for selected countries and items. Please check if your order is eligible for Free Delivery.

Please be aware that the costs and length of delivery may vary depending on the country of origin and destination.

You can track your delivery. The seller will provide you with a valid tracking number.

All prices displayed on Coolorca are correct, there are no hidden costs. If there is any VAT applicable to your order, the listing will say so.

You have access to a wide range of goods such as hunting weapons and ammunition, accessories, etc.

Please be aware that it is your responsibility to check if these goods are deliverable in your country. You are responsible for providing all the required proof of eligibility to possess such goods.

If you are buying any goods that are restricted for distribution and require additional supporting documents – it is your responsibility to provide them. Coolorca are not responsible for your supporting documents.

Some goods may be forbidden to import and distribute in your country for cultural, legal or other reasons (aka sanctions).It is your duty to be informed about such sanctions and plan your deliveries accordingly. Coolorca have no control over these sanctions and cannot be deemed responsible if any users violate any such regulations. If you order sanctioned goods and they are retained by customs – Coolorca cannot be responsible for any costs and damages.

Delivery FAQs.

Coolorca operate internationally, but some sellers may have limited delivery options. Please see the listing for delivery options available to you in your country.
Costs may vary per order and Seller. You can see the delivery costs when you place an item in your shopping cart.
Delivery costs include the shipment to your door or to a pick-up centre nearest to you. Delivery costs do NOT include any customs duties or VAT.
Use the trackingnumber provided by the Seller. If you cannot track your parcel and you suspect your tracking number is false – please contact us on support@coolorca.com.
You can change the delivery address for a parcel that has not been dispatched yet. Please contact the Seller via Coolorca messaging. If you want to change the address for a parcel that has been dispatched – you will need to cancel your order and make a new one. Please see our cancellation and refunds policy.
You are responsible to the acceptance of your parcel. First, you need to check that the number of parcels or items in a parcel matches your order. You also need to check your name and address on the parcel. If you think you received an item by mistake – please raise this with the courier on the spot. Please check the packaging of your parcel. If the packaging is damaged – raise this with the courier and check the contents of the parcel for damage as well. If you have not raised any issues with the courier, we consider your parcel accepted by you, and fromthat moment any procedures with your order will be governed by our Refunds Policy. Please see our Refunds Policy for details.